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Marmon-Herrington Tracked Jeep

In 1943 the Canadian Army had a requirement for a light tracked armoured vehicle, suitable to be carried in C-47 aircraft and CG4 gliders. Willys produced 5 pilot models of an open-top carrier with welded hull, in accordance with the Canadian specification, using the jeep engine driving the front sprockets through a Cletrac-type controlled differential. A completely revised model, the "Jeep Tank" was produced by Marmon-Herrington. This model looked like a small turretless tank and had the engine mounted longitudinally at the front, with the track driving sprockets at the rear. The "Jeep Tank" was 9'3" long, 5'5" wide and 4' high. Neither of these types was produced in quantity. 

Tracked jeep TJ Mk.II or "Jeep Tank", one of 6 produced by Marmon-Herrington for the Canadian Army. Just visible through the rear hatch are the familiar Willys engine and gearbox, which, on this model, were mounted longitudinally at the front.

Source: Bart H. Vanderveen, The Jeep. London: Frederick Warne & Co Ltd., 1972. ISBN 0 7232 1264 3

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