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Around 1936, the Koninklijk Nederlandsch-Indisch Leger (KNIL; Royal Netherlands East-Indies Army) started to modernize its Java Army. It was planned to form five or six motorized, partly mechanized brigades each with one battalion of light and medium AFVs. Companies of 24 platoons of seven vehicles each were envisaged, which were to be manned by personnel from the Infantry. The Cavalry had to form one squadron of motorized Cavalry with one platoon of Armoured Cars and one platoon of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (tanks) for each brigade. Because of severe cut-backs and anti-military politics, orders were postponed until war loomed. By that time hardly any material was obtainable, because all producing countries tried to equip their own neglected armed forces. In the end the KNIL ordered material from the United Kingdom and the USA. These included trucks, tractors and 628 tanks from Marmon-Herrington, as well as a number of the South African Reconnaissance Car Mark III. 
The KNIL had bought 70 Commercial Light Tanks Model 1936 at Vickers-Carden-Loyd, but after 20 were delivered the rest was retained in Great Britain when the British Army was left with hardly any AFVs after the BEF retreated from France. Therefore, a number of  South African Reconnaissance Car Mark III were delivered directly from South Africa instead.

Marmon-Herrington tanks: The Dutch Connection

South-African Reconnaissance Cars in the Netherlands East-Indies
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