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Marmon-Herrington tanks
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The 'Marine Tank' of 1936: The Strange Case of the Marmon-Herrington Tank in the US Marine Corps 
by Kenneth W. Estes

CTLS-4TAC / -4TAY in US Army service
Approximately 240 ("the balance of the order") non-delivered Marmon-Herrington tanks were taken over by the U.S. Army Ordnance Department. The CTLS-4TAC and -4TAY tanks were redesignated Light Tank T14 and T16 respectively. They were used for training and a some were used in Alaska; more specifically at {{Dutch Harbour, Unalaska and the Aleutian Islands.}??not all the same??} Reportedly, one was used to test its effectiveness in the tundra at Cold Bay but immediately sank away in a peat bog and was never recovered.
Newfoundland ....
One CTLS-4TAC (allegedly destined for China) was used as a mobile crane at the Great Falls Air Force Base in Montana until the 1960s and its lower hull survives until this day in the hands of a private collector in Brighton, Colorado, USA. Sadly, it has been re-engined and its upper hull is missing.

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