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Early 2002 I found out that my F15A is featured on page 20 in the book WW2 Allied Vehicles by John Blackman. (Ian Allan Publishing, 1995, ISBN 0 7110 2330 1) - see 796 LGU following DAP 418, another F15A. 
Brian Gough believes the majority of the pictures were taken at the 50th anniversary of D Day show on the Common in Portsmouth in early June 1994. Following that show many of those vehicles went directly to the Normandy beaches and more photos were taken there.


As a matter of fact - I do! I found one up for auction on eBay (shown left). It is a form made up for a 1st Cdn Army Ford 15cwt truck with vehicle W.D. number CZ4206605. Who knows, it could have been filled out for my F15A....

... "Why is that?", you might ask. Well, as it happens, the road accident report notes that on 5 January 1944, Tpr Winston D. Griffiths of A Sqn 32 Cdn Recce Regt (RMR), driving CZ4206605, passed a civilian truck which had come to a stop. Upon passing the truck on the left, he sideswiped the truck, thereby causing a handle of the body to be broken off. Now, if you take a close look at my F15A's cargo body, you will notice there's a crease in the right-hand wheel arch...

Created 9 April 2002

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