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This is how the Ford stood on 26 June 2001, when Richard, Dave & Rory went to see it.
Slightly neglected, in dire need of a healthy dose of TLC!

Virtually complete, the cargo body is authentic which is rare as these were often removed in civil service and replaced by a recovery crane or similar.

Early style (civilian type) dash.

Data plate details:

Chassis: F15441-M
Cab 13
Chassis serial: 109943
Engine serial: 3G-66964-F
Contract: CD 1513
Built: JAN. 13 - 43

Vehicle code: F15441-M-PERS-3

The cargo body was built by the Canadian Top & Body Corp. Ltd. of Tilbury, Ontario, Canada.
The body serial number is 42 03 2C1 7025, denoting this Pers-3 is fitted with the correct 2C1 body.

The benches shown here are not the original seats. See the 15 cwt personnel truck page for a picture of the original seating arrangement.
These benches were fitted by Mr Levell so he could sleep in the back while attending rallies.

Rear view showing CMP tail lights, modified US-type tail lights and Lucas indicators, all to make it raod legal. The black-out light and switch are still present on this F15A!
Are those mudflaps originals?

The original engine was found to have a cracked block, so Mr Levell exchanged it for an engine rebuilt by Nordian.

Front axle view.

Steering box.

Roof hatch - the front grab rail is missing.

Driver's door showing the home-made window frame.

Co-driver's door showing where rust is starting to surface.

Right-hand front cowl, rust in the usual places but not rotted through.

Spare wheel in a 30- or 60-cwt spare wheel holder. 15-cwt tool box is missing also.

With many thanks to Richard Notton for providing the digital images!

Created 26 June 2001
Updated 29 August 2001

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