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Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent on site, I tried to drive as much as possible so anyone needing a drive down to the car park or stalls to pick up large parts was catered for. Some trips down to the local supermarket at Tonbridge Wells to get (beer) supplies were a joy as well. All in all the truck consumed some 35 litres of petrol doing these short trips.

Saturday - the Canadian Parade was on!

Entering the arena at Beltring for the first time on Saturday for the Canadian Parade. She was honoured that she got to carry both the MLU head honcho and the "Empress of the Zephyrian Highlands".

Picture courtesy of Dirk Leegwater

Line-up in the arena. My F15A is on the extreme left.

Picture courtesy of Dirk Leegwater

Riding with me were Geoff Winnington-Ball (in the hatch). In the rear from left to right are: Geoff's  wife Julia, Dennis Buijs, Raimundo Torelli, Sean Spencer and Gordon McMillan. Truly an international gathering with people from Canada, Holland, Italy and Scotland.

Picture courtesy of Chris Shillito

Sunday - time to say good bye to my friends Rory Ballard & Geoff Winnington-Ball and hit the road....

The next leg of the trip was made on Sunday, from Beltring to David Herbert's place at Bedingfield. A distance of 110 miles with challenges such as the Dartmoor Tunnel.
When I got there David surprised me with a spare wheel, as he had seen the one on my truck isn't a particularly nice one. He found the wheel at a local farmer, where it had stood unused against a barn for the past thirty years. David had to disentangle it from the bramble bushes - hard work on a sunday morning!

Third leg of the trip was from Bedingfield to home, Delft. Total distance covered was 75 miles. The 100 miles from Harwich - Hoek van Holland were covered by Stena Line's High speed catamaran. The F15A must have set a speed record as the ferry travels at 40 knots (=74 mph)! 
When I got home I felt somewhat like a hero, but all my wife Jorien could mutter was "What an ugly thing! What on earth are you going to do with that?". She's quite right, of course, CMPs are ugly...

Created 26 June 2001
Updated 12 May 2004

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