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On Thursday 18 July 2002 from 14:30-15:00 hrs, the Maple Leaf Up! event will take place in the main arena. Jim Baxter will be pointing out the significant contribution Canadian vehicles made to the allied war effort to the public. See pictures of last year's Maple Leaf Up Parade at Chris Shillito's site for a taste of what will be coming.

The Maple Leaf Up sign on the map below designates the (approximate) location where MLU'ers tend to flock. It is the location of what has become known as "Camp McStolly", which is set up each year by Richard Notton and Dave & Rory Ballard. Dave owns a F15 w/20mm Polsten AA gun, and Rory owns a Morris-Commercial 8cwt PU. Al Toees normally brings his Dodge T212 8cwt 4x4 truck.
Visitors include Nigel Watson with his Universal Carrier and Hanno Spoelstra with his F15A.

This picture goes a long way to show the relaxed atmosphere at Camp McStolly. Seen here are MLU's head honcho Geoff Winnington-Ball, Camp McStolly's proprietor Richard Notton and Brian "Hupmeister" Gough.

See the organiser's web site

Created 19 June 2002

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