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 Dodge T212 8-cwt truck
a.k.a. Dodge Scout or D8A
Built by Chrysler of Canada at Windsor,ontario, to British War Department specifications to include run-flat tyres (no spare) British hubs and wheels, no tow hook, right hand drive and standard 8cwt rear body. This type went straight to the Western Desert from Canada.

Picture taken at Beltring 2001, courtesy of Maple Leaf Up

Pictured here is Alan Tooes' T212, which he sold to a collector in The Netherlands in 2003. Besides this example, only two other survivors of this type are known, so it is an extremely rare vehicle:
  • one resides in Aberdeen, Scotland;
  • and another in Austria (see below).
Picture taken at Beltring 2000.

Driver's position in the T212.

Alan Toees' Dodge at Beltring 2001, after a respray in desert sand colour.

Picture courtesy of Chris Shillito.

Dodge T212 8 cwt truck in Austria - third known survivor?
Owned by Robert Gill, Austria


Dodge T212 8 cwt truck replica in Australia
Mike Kelly wrote: "The T212 replica was built by Warren Kerle in Brisbane, he began with a chassis which he thinks is from a T212 . He then found a cab from a T110 Canadian 3 tonner and axles from the U.S. 1/2 ton WC series. He made up the 6 stud hubs, and used wheels from a C8AX CMP. The result is great I think."
Mike supplied Warren with drawings to replicate the cargo body.

Picture courtesy of Mike Kelly

French Foreign Legion Dodge T212 in North Africa (Source: Steel Masters magazine no.48)
  • For the full story on the T212 read Wheels & Tracks magazine Issue No. 4: Canadian Dodge T212 - Chrysler Canada's 8-cwt 4×4 for the British Army, 1941.
  • Wheels Tracks No.8, p.35.

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