VW 181 Facts & Figures

Hellenic Navy VW 181s
photos by Triantafilos Metsovitis
VW_181_01 VW_181_03 VW_181_02 VW_181_04 VW_181_05
The first example has Hellenic Navy registration number '254'. Note that is has air intake muffs. Rear view of '254'. It has the small rear lights, as fitted to all military production VW 181s.  The second example, number '278', lacks the air intake muffs. Note that '278' has the later 'elephant feet' rear lights. Military spec VW 181s normally have the small rear lights (as shown on '254'). Hellenic Navy marking as found on the left rear of '278'.

Source: Dimitris Labaditis, Athens, Greece.

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