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VW 181 Facts & Figures

Volkswagen type 181 Mehrzweckwagen - Kübel - Pescaccia - Safari - Thing and type 182 Trekker


I have an interest in Volkswagens (I have a '65 Beetle - stored for restoration - and a '71 LPG-powered Beetle as my 'daily driver') and military vehicles. The VW 181 combines both these interests. 
Compared to the Beetle and the Bus, there is surprisingly little information on the VW 181 that is readily available. So I started to collect information for my own use, compiled from various sources in print, the Internet and interest groups. The Thing mailing list put me in contact with some very knowledgeable people. Thus, the first version of these VW 181 Facts & Figures was compiled in 1996. It, and subsequently updated versions, were spread among enthusiasts through the Thing mailing list. Many felt this sort of information deserved to be available on-line and Loring Kohrt, Christian Demmer, Rich Smith (see above for both) and some others subsequently put it on their web sites. For this I thank them wholeheartedly. 
However, with the VW 181 Facts & Figures being regularly updated, I felt it would be better to post this information on its own site. Thus, the most up to date version is available to everyone. Also, this on-line version is much better accessible because of the use of a proper index. 
This is my first attempt to create a web site, so let me know what you think of it.