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Volkswagen Iltis (Typ 183)

Photo section

Germany: Bundeswehr
Source: Neudeck Co - VW Iltis turbo diesel
Between 1986-1988 the German Army acquired its Iltis replacements from Bombardier. These were fitted with 1.6-l. 70-hp. turbo diesel VW engines. 
The one shown left is in the standard Bundeswehr Bronzegrün (bronze green)- Teerschwarz (tar black) - Lederbraun (leather brown) Fleckenplan or camouflage scheme.

Photo: Ed Storey (Wheels & Tracks No.27, p.14)
A Canadian-manufactured Bombardier Iltis, here as a Signals Line Vehicle.
The Canadian DND web site features a good selection of Iltis photos.
Shown below are some of them, linked directly from the 'Photos' section on that site.
Road test of Iltis in mud and snow.
Negative number ISC93-5359-18
Photo: Sgt Bonin 
Iltis vehicle for medical use.
Negative number RVC85-125
Photo: Cpl Kelly
Iltis vehicle in field camouflage.
Negative number RVC92-207
Photo: Cpl Bourget
Road move planning during 1998 Quebec ice-storm.
Negative number ISC98-042-6
Photo: DND
Troops with Iltis vehicles on UN duty in Croatia.
Negative number ISC93-5297-3
Photo: Sgt Sauriol 
UN patrol in Haiti.
Negative number IEC97-1007-14 
Photo: Cpl St-Jean 
Iltis vehicle in Cyprus in 1990.
Negative number IWC90-94
Photo: Sgt Thompson