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During and after WW2 Priests, Rams and Shermans were converted into Kangaroos, makeshift APCs. The use in Europe during WW2 is documented, but what happened elsewhere and after the war deserves more attention.
  • Kangaroos in NW Europe

  • NW Europe was the breeding ground of the Kangaroo. Introduced in Normandy, their use contributed considerably to the Allied victory. Its use quickly spread out to other theatres of war and even lingered on well into the 1960s.
  • Kangaroos in Italy

  • Priest Kangaroos were not only modified for use in Normandy but in Italy as well. Italy was the only theatre where Sherman tanks - M4A2s to be precise - were used as Kangaroos.
  • Syrian Sherman APC?

  • See the photo of a turretless Syrian M4A1 at the page on Syria. It was taken somewhere during the 1948-1956 period. Could this be another Sherman APC?
  • Grizzly APC

  • Apparently the Canadians not only converted Priests and Rams into Kangaroos, but a number of Grizzlies as well. It seems these were used only in Canada but in the 1950s they were shipped to Europe.
  • M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman APC

  • After phasing out from active service as tanks, some of Canada's M4A2(76)W HVSS Shermans were in use as APC in the mid-1960s.