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Photo section

The photos below are linked from Ken's Mutt Page. They only serve as illustrations to vehicles mentioned on the main page. To view the original photo plus full captions, click on the appropriate image. 

Remains of US Navy M151.

An M151A2 FAV of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, on its way back from a tour with KFOR in Kosovo.

M825 with Hughes TOW ATGW.

Ex-Chilean forces AM General model M151A2, now property of Alejandro Forch Moya of Santiago, Chile.

Scrap yard in Saudi Arabia...  (Dec 1997)
Vietnamese M151A2, exported to France where it was restored.

The photos below are linked from other web sites. Again, they only serve as illustrations to vehicles mentioned on the main page. To view the original photo plus full captions, click on the appropriate image. 

American Roll Over Protection System or ROPS.

Jack Tomlin at Tooele, UT, USA has 40 available at $100 each.

M151 Loaded
Photo by Larry Bowles: "My M151 during my LF6F Deployment With the 22nd MEU, Jan-Aug 1996. Picture taken in Liberia, Africa Operation Assured Response April 1996."
(Source: Marine Corps Image Archive)
January 2000: "Marines from General Support Maintenance Company, 1st Maintenance Battalion, recently finished overhauling six M-151A2 Fast Attack Vehicles, scheduled to deploy soon with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit."
(Source: Marine Corps News)
USMC M151A2 Fast Attack Vehicles at Okinawa offered for sale by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, May 2000

Danish Army M151A1 
on the Danish Army Vehicles Homepage

Israeli Mutt with searchlight, roll bar, two huge antennas and a GPMG
on the AMPS web site
M151A1 at the MFHF Sweden meeting, June 1985
on the MFHF Sweden web site
Gavin Broad's immaculate M151A2 at Beltring 2000.

Portuguese Army M151A2

Venezuelan Army M825 106-mm Recoilless Rifle Carrier

Greek M151A2s in a scrapyard - follow the link to the seller of these vehicles

Australian War Memorial Photograph Database
Negative Number: P02120.001 

Caption: Vung Tau, South Vietnam. 1970-01. Vietnamese children from an orphanage, possibly the An Phong orphanage, play happily on top of and in a RAAF jeep. They are watched by Father John Grannall (right) and Bill Deane, the public relations officer for the National Headquarters, Australian Red Cross, Melbourne. The orphanage received support as a civil aid project from locally-based Australian and American forces. (Donor C. Tilly)

Argentine Army M151A2
This picture, taken in 1999, picture shows an M151A2 painted in the Argentine Army two-tone scheme for dry zones. The light vehicles section on the Archivos Pesados site also shows a picture of an M151A1 in 1978, painted in a dark olive colour which was used by the Argentine Army until the implementation of a two-tone scheme in the early 1980s.
Mexican Army  Rifle Mutts on Mutt Motorpool - note the brush guards.

Below follow some photos sent in by visitors of this site:
Eric Manders' M151A1
Eric Manders' M151A1 side-by-side with his friend's example.
M151A2 in a surplus yard: "rusty and expensive", according to Eric Manders.
Demilitarized M151A2s.