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This page is meant as a resource page with links to various sites and forums dealing with the subject of paint schemes for CMP trucks.

Bill Gregg's 'Blueprint for Victory' (p.118, 1981), gives an outline of paint applied by Canadian manufacturers:

"The following information was obtained from the AEDB Design Record: 
The paint applied by the manufacturer was considered the basic colour on top of which the Army would apply the camouflage disruptive colour. Originally, all vehicles going to the European Theatre of war were painted KHAKI GREEN #3 and those going to the Middle East LIGHT STONE #61 (both British standard formulae). Later KHAKI GREEN #3 was changed to BROWN #2 and eventually, after the U.S. military presence in England had reached strength, to U.S. OLIVE DRAB."

Some early shipments to the Middle East were overpainted with camouflage disruptive pattern by the manufacturer, but this proved to be impractical for knock down shipments since original components rarely got back together on re-assembly." 

Canvas came in sand, khaki and brown, depending on the colour of the truck

Equipment was not to be repainted until the equipment needed a complete overhaul.

For more detailed information, read some interesting web sites and forum messages on the subject of CMP paint schemes:

Dirk Leegwater has had paint mixed up from new old stock boxed parts. Mike Starmer identified the colours as follows:

  • Far left: SCC 2 (brown) Basic colour 1941-45 use.
  • 2nd left: SCC1A (very dark brown) Disruptive colour 1942-45 use.
  • 3rd left: BSC 381 Light Stone 61 Basic colour Desert 1940-43.
  • Far right: Looks brownish on screen, could be SCC 15 Olive Drab or US olive Drab -  NOT green enough to be Khaki Green 3.

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