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Note: I am not the seller of these vehicles, I am just doing friends a pleasure as I would like to see these vehicles go to a good home.

CMPs for sale in Norway - SOLD!
Rolf Ask has various Chevrolet CMP trucks for sale, all located in Norway. 
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Ford F15 15-cwt truck - SOLD!
Theo van der Wissel of South Africa sent me two pictures and some information on his CMP Ford F15. Because of a recent move, Theo has decided to sell his Ford truck, which used to be located in Pretoria. Eventually it was sold to a museum in Bloemfontein.

The registration number U57543 was found under the door on the frame, and denotes it served with the Union of South Africa. This "Stompneusford" (blunt nosed Ford) probably saw action during in North Africa.
The Cab 13 is original, as is the 6 Volt electrical system (spare starter motor and generator included). The cargo body plus the stowage boxes under it, top bows and toolbox were reproduced from originals. The V8 engine is completely overhauled. 

Chevrolet C8A HUP project - SOLD!
Jim Burrill in the USA has two HUPs he wants to sell. The green one pictured left is a '42 model (Chevrolet C. HU. 441-M, s/n 2844515066, built June 1942), plus there is '44 chassis/cab frame. Also, Jim has a host of parts which will come along in the sale of these HUPs. Combining these two HUPs, one can do a very credible HUP restoration and not end up with too many duplicate parts left over. To that end, the green HUP would basically supply the body and the black provide the chassis and running gear.
If you are interested in this HUP project, contact Jim via e-mail.

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