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Brian Nunn about his example:
   "I purchased the vehicle back in 1979/80 from a garage in Hampshire, where it had stood unwanted and unloved for about 15 years. The garage owner told me that he had bought two Ford V8 trucks at an auction, one was fitted with a GS steel body, and the other was a Water Bowser. Both bodies were removed by him, and the trucks were fitted out with a Harvey Frost crane and winch fitted to the back for use as a tow truck. "

"One vehicle was disposed of during the late 60's whilst the other one continued to work till it was replaced with a Humber 1 ton GS truck in the mid 70's. The garage owner could not remember which vehicle was fitted with which body, but thought that it was fitted with the GS type body.
The cab paint work which was applied by the garage, obliterated any remnants of the original markings. However there were segments of blue and red on the metal work where the Divisional signs would have been. The Blue and Red indicated use within the Royal Artillery."

Left picture: "Whilst looking round a friends garage, I found what looked like a large tool box, further investigation revealed it to be a CMP tool box that fitted between the cab and the rear body. This was "acquired" cleaned, painted and fitted."

Right picture:
"No complete census number could be located, but there was a weak image of the letter "H" followed by either a 5 or a 3."

Brian restored the chassis and cab over a two year period. The rear body took about three years, searching out old vehicle scrap yards throughout the UK and some parts of Europe. Eventually Brian managed to get a body, but it was good for a pattern only. Combined with the aid of plans from Canada, he could have a new body made up by Tony Sudd.

The data plate (on top of the dash!) reads:
SM - 6389 BUILT NOV-12-45

"The radiator is huge, and holds about another gallon of water, has a large header tank, which requires a raised dome in the bonnet (hood) to allow for the radiator cap."

"Although a short wheel base vehicle, all the running gear, i.e. axles, brakes, suspension is the same or similar to that from the F60 range, including running on 10:50 x 20" tyres. Although no which is fitted, the transfer box, does have the required take offs available. This box also has a reduction gear ratio when four wheel drive is selected."
"The chassis is made up as the standard type for the F15 range but with a secondary chassis fitted to the inside of the standard one. The towing attachment is mounted in the same manner as the Gun Tractors."

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