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My Ford F15A
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My Ford F15A

Mystery CMPs
The "Indian pattern" FAT?
Ford's 1945 C291Q model - the "F22"?

C15TA Armoured Truck

Fox Armoured Car

CMPs at Beltring

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Year of the Blitz video

9.00-16 tyres

paint schemes for CMP trucks

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This web site is dedicated to Canadian Military Pattern - CMP - vehicles. These vehicles were built in Canada during World War Two and being used in every theatre of war, proved to be an invaluable contribution to the Canadian war effort.
As there are many good web sites on this subject available, I will not strive for completeness, but rather to complement those sites with my own snippets. Check the index on the left side of this page for items of your interest or click on the vehicle of your choice below. See the links page for a selected listing of CMP-related web sites.

The 'Canada' Decal: This unique logo was a widely-produced decal printed during WW2 to identify Canadian-made war production. It is printed in English, Russian and Chinese, to represent three of the main recipients of Canadian equipment.
My F15A
The 'Indian pattern' FAT?
Ford's 1945 C291Q model - the F22?
C15TA Armoured Truck

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