VW 181 Facts & Figures

Bundeswehr VW 181 Fleckenplan

The Bundeswehr (German Federal Army) at one time started to apply a NATO-standard three-colour Fleckenplan (camouflage scheme) to all its vehicles.
Around 1983 this standard camouflage scheme was introduced for the VW 181. Application of the camouflage (often by brush) was left to the units, but this was later stopped for environmental / health reasons. From then on VW 181s were only camouflaged when they were repaired at depot level where they could be painted with the right equipment. Only about 15% of them were camouflaged.

The copy of the Fleckenplan for the VW 181 shown below dates from November 1985.

The colours in the camouflage plan are marked "G", "S" and "B", which stand for:
Key  Colour  Paint code (German / US) 
Bronzegrün (bronze green)  RAL 6031 / FSC 34094
Teerschwarz (tar black)  RAL 9021 / FSC 37030 
Lederbraun (leather brown)  RAL 8027 / FSC 30051

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