VW 181 Facts & Figures

Limited slip differential

The limited slip differential was built by ZF (Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen) and was an optional feature on the type 181. Reportedly, the examples going to the German Frontier Guard and the Civil Defense had them as standard, but those for the German Army did not. According to a temporary operating manual, the M181's of the Danish Army did have limited slip differentials.

It is possible that the limited slip differential was not offered on all markets. Part # 181-300-043 is a limited slip transmission with swing axles, and can only be used on those cars with the reduction gears at the axle ends. Option code is M 220 (there is also an M 220 option, part # 211 517 025, for the type 2).

Source: Christian Figenschou (e-mail 96-08-20); Arnd Klinkhart (e-mail 96-03-15); Bob Miller (digest 8.28.96); Henrik Teller (e-mail 27 Feb 1999).

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