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Shawn Sitar's detective work has been instrumental in making up this list of accessories which VWoA (Volkswagen of America) made available for Things. Since the last edition of these VW 181 Facts & Figures, he has a list of them - complete with photos - on his web page. Therefore, I have deleted the relevant items and added a link to the corresponding page.


Source: Shawn Sitar (VW Thing mailing list digest 1.7.97); VW Thing/Type-181 Registry newsletter (June/July 1994, p.9).


Source: Shawn Sitar (VW Thing mailing list digest 1.7.97); VW Thing/Type-181 Registry newsletter (June/July 1994, p.9).

The only original VW accessory wheels for The Thing were the Chrome Wheels (ZVW 148 184). They are chrome and not spoked and have a round plastic-chrome center cap with a Wolfsburg Crest decal on it. These were made by a US manufacturer. See Shawn's homepage for a photo of one. He thinks Acapulcos usually came with Chrome Wheel Covers (ZVW 154 181) which were put over the stock 14" rims.

Source: Shawn Sitar (things-digest 29 Oct 1998).

Note: The so-called 'Jackman-style' (white steel, 5-bolt pattern, 5-spoked, 14"(?) wheels without center caps) can be seen on many Things (incl. Acapulcos). Shawn Sitar thinks they were aftermarket wheels since he has not seen them listed in the US VW dealer literature on accessories.

Source: Dave Cormack ("SomeThing Special", VW Trends, vol.16, no.3, March 1997, p.68-69, 97); Shawn Sitar (e-mail 03-11-1998).

The VWofA accessory winch didn't exactly mount on the vehicle. It came with two clamp-on trailer hitches, one for each bumper, and you "hung" the winch on the hitch ball with it's mounting plate. This winch was made for VW by Powerwinch, of Leitchfield, KY and is still available as an accessory winch in about three different sizes. The winch still comes with everything but the bumper mounting hitches.

Source: Bob Miller (VW Thing mailing list digest 8.12.96).


Shawn & Kristie Sitar's VW homepage has notes and photos on the following accessories:
  • Air Conditioner
  • Bumper Overriders
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Front Push Bar
  • Fog Lamps
  • Luggage Rack
  • Roll Cage
  • Spare Tire Carrier
  • The Top
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Tunnel Console

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