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Truck, 1½-ton 4x4, Dump (Ford/Marmon-Herrington)
8 cyl., 95 bhp, 4F1R, wb 134 in.
Ford's 1½-ton chassis was often used in conjunction with M-H's All-Wheel Drive Conversion kit. Shown left is the pilot model 1½-ton 4x4 dump truck. Marmon-Herrington converted a large number of these 1942 Ford 29T (or 29U Dump) chassis for the US Corps of Engineers.

These trucks were used on the Alcan Highway and Canol Project. Projects like this which were carried out under contract for the Ministry of Defense or the Civilian Conservation Corps by both military units and civil companies.

The example shown here is a survivor of the Canol Project and was photographed by Sean Spencer in Canada.

Oddly enough, this truck has right-hand drive!
The doors still bear proof this truck was used on the "Canol Project".

SnoGo (Ford/Marmon-Herrington (K)MM5-4)

8 cyl., 100 bhp, wb 134 in, track 58 in, lxwxh 264x81x108 in., weight 4800 lb (chassis/cab), 13,200 lb (gross)
The Ford/Marmon-Herrington MM5-4 or KMM5-4 SnoGo was based on a a 134 in. wheelbase chassis, uprated to 3-ton payload rating. Some 80 were Lend-Leased to the RAF for use on airfields during WW2. The SnoGo snow blower on the front was driven by a IHC stationary engine on the back of the truck.
This example is based on a '41 model Ford: note differences in front mudguards and location of headlights.

The 1942 example shown here was owned by Gerry McGonigal, then by Gordon McMillan, and was recently bought by Matt Rimmer, Its chassis number is KMM5-4-499640 and it is one of only two complete known survivors in the UK. We wish him lots of snow to play with!
On August 21, 2003, this SnoGo sold for US $660 on eBay. It was located in Windham, Maine, USA and was described at as a "1947 Ford Converted Originally by SNO-GO. This was used at a NH Airport for years and only has 12000 miles (going up and down the runway in the winters)."
Another 1942 SnoGo in unrestored but full working order sold for US$2,800 on eBay on February 02, 2004. It was located in Madras,Oregon, USA.
This picture was taken on 23-jan-05 in 18+ inches of snow. 
This SnoGo was issued to Rome Air Base (now Griffiss) in February 1942. By February 2005 it was located in Gallupville, NY (near Albany), USA and offered for sale.

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