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Mark IVF for sale

Scan courtesy of Dennis Schneider
The Mark IV and IVF have a hull of unitary welded construction, so the chassis was dispensed with. The Mark IVFs drive line components were sourced from the Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) Ford 3 ton truck. In order to achieve a rear engine configuration the whole drive line was simply reversed in the hull. As a consequence, the front wheels are permanently driven and the rear wheel drive can be engaged if required. The engine, gearbox and radiator are fitted on a sub frame as an easily demountable power pack.
The turret mounts a 2 pdr gun plus coax. MG. During 1943-44, 1180 Mark IVFs were built in South Africa. They were used by the Commonwealth forces in Africa and the Middle and Far East. 
The example shown above was probably used in the Middle East and ended up with the Greek Army after WW2. A number of them were later re-engined with Perkins diesel engines and some are reportedly still in use. 
My friend Dennis Schneider imported this one from Greece and although it is rusty, it still is in its unmodified WW2 configuration and sports the original Ford V8 petrol engine. 
Maybe best of all: it is for sale. Contact Dennis for further details.

The pictures below show the Mk IVF after it arrived in Belgium:

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