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Sherman Firefly
Source:  Cedarland website - Lebanon War Pictures
This picture is linked from the Cedarland website. It is captioned "Fierce fighting in ancient Tripoli. Insurgents staged a mass street charge, fighting house to house against government forces for sixty hours. This is one of the only photos known to have been taken during the battle. Soldiers of the Lebanese army are firing from a behind a tank and sandbag barricade from cover of a narrow street. May 22, 1958".
Scans courtesy of Thord Wedman
Thord Wedman of Sweden served as a UN peace keeper in Lebanon. He took this picture of an AFV scrap yard in Tyre barracks in the city of Tyre in 1991. The pictures shows at least four Sherman Fireflies, one turretless Sherman and two Charioteers.
Scans courtesy of Thord Wedman
This is a close up of the two Shermans shown on the extreme right in the picture above. These are probably Sherman V Fireflies.


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