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Sherman's 1945 prices

Kurt Laughlin came up with the prices of Sherman tanks and related AFVs. He found them in the Army Service Forces Catalog ORD 5-3-1 dated 9 August 1945. Joe DeMarco puts these prices in perspective: "Say a Sherman cost $45,000 during WWII. The same Sherman today would cost $421,875."
Notice the listing of the listing of the "M4A3(75)dry HVSS", "M4A3(75)wet HVSS" and the differences in price between T66 and T80 tracks.

Type of vehicle Prices are for vehicles "equipped with artillery armament and fire control."
M10 $40,906
M10A1  $43,677
M36 $51,290
M7 $46,365
M7B1  $40,524
M12  $68,904
M30 (T14)  $42,707
M3  $55,244
M3A1  $55,244
M3A2  $55,244
M3A3  $54,533
M3A4  $55,244
M3A5 $55,244
M4(75)VVSS  $49,173
M4(105)VVSS  $46,309
M4(105)HVSS/T66  $49,621
M4(105)HVSS/T80  $53,391
M4A1(75)VVSS  $47,725
M4A1(76)VVSS  $51,509
M4A1(76)HVSS/T66  $54,062
M4A1(76)HVSS/T80  $55,610
M4A2(76)VVSS  $45,814 
M4A2(76)HVSS/T66  $48,029
M4A2(76)HVSS/T80 $50,928
M4A3(75)dry VVSS  $44,556
M4A3(75)dry HVSS/T66 $47,003
M4A3(75)dry HVSS/T80  $49,997
M4A3E2  $56,812
M4A3(105)VVSS  $45,776
M4A3(105)HVSS/T66  $49,088
M4A3(105)HVSS/T80  $52,836
M4A3(75)wet VVSS  $44,556
M4A3(75)wet HVSS/T66  $47,003
M4A3(75)wet HVSS/T80  $49,997
M4A3(76)wet VVSS  $47,754
M4A3(76)wet HVSS/T66  $51,066
M4A3(76)wet HVSS/T80  $54,836
M4A4 $46,467
M4A6  $64,455
M32 series  $56,217

Kurt Laughlin added "The prices in this pamphlet should be used to price documents and requisition for shipments of major items and major combinations to INTERNATIONAL AID COUNTRIES, NAVY DEPARTMENT, other ARMS and SERVICES, statements of accountability, Reports of Survey and on all declarations of Surplus Property submitted to disposal agencies. In case of conflict with prices listed in the Ordnance Supply Catalog, the prices herein will govern."

For 1942-1945 the US "spent" $5,692,155,000 on tanks. Prior contracts let included a $100-million order in August 1941, and $191,782,000 in November 1941. Considering that they got 88,000 tanks out of it that amounts to about $68,000 each, however much of the initial outlay went to building the great tank arsenals at Detroit and Grand Blanc.

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