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M3 Lee and M4 Sherman in the Brazilian Army 1941 to 2000

by  Expedito Carlos Stephani Bastos, Brazil

Starting from 1941, the Brazilian Army received several North American military equipment through the agreement LEND-LEASE. Among the several received equipment we detached the following tanks:

The tanks SHERMAN possessed three types of towers the knowledge: with a hatchway; with two straight hatchways and with two round and arched hatchways. Two types of chassis: of M3 Grant/Lee (bolted) and of M4 (melted). One of M4 just possessed motor in line, the others were all radial motors.
Just one of M3, probably a pure M3 with two diesel engine, 6 cylinders, 420 HP, being the others with radial motors.
Several they are preserved today in several military units, existing models of M3A3 and M3A5, and still M4, M4A1 and M4 Composite Hull, none of them in operational conditions.
These cars began to arrive in 1941 and soon after Second World War, even middles of the fifties. All were armed with cannon of 75 mm. M3 Lee were operational until the sixties and M4 until the seventies, very away several models exist developed in Brazil, using the chassis of M4 that will be described in another opportunity.
Several vehicles also came M32, M32A1, M32A1B1, M32B1, M32B3, T14B1 (M32B3), that not to get to know how many they still came. Two M74 (suspension HVSS) they also came and they are still in service in the Brazilian Army.
The Brazilian Army never used M7 Priest 105 mm.
Only 11 M4 Sherman were converted for the version Engineer Armoured Vehicle: The Sherman M4 combat car, after undergoing the modernization process by Motorcycle Pieces technical personnel, becomes an integral part of the engineering battalion, equipped with an earth moving blade goes emergency it uses, the windlass goes hauling, or it goes lifting weights of up to 10 tones. Through the simple process it can also be adapted to serve the the mine-detector. Its Saab-Scania DSI 11, 400 CV motor can attain the velocity of 50 km/hour and have her it screeches of 500 km, with excellent performance on uneven terrain, climbing 60th you tilt longitudinally, and 30th tilt transversally. The Sherman Engineers vehicle carries the crew of 6, weighs 29 tones and carries .50 (12,7mm) machine gun. Still operational in several units of engineering.
Mine Clearing Device: Just a built prototype, used M50 Israeli chassis and rollers anti-mine of the firm Israeli URDAN. It was developed by the firm BERNARDINI INDUSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA, he/she became never operational in the Brazilian Army, and this prototype was sucateado, sold in the old iron.

Brazil never used M4 with suspension HVSS, sómente the model M74, M32A1, M32A1B1 and T14 used the suspension HVSS.

Sherman Bridge Layer: It was never built. He/she/you never left the paper. Abandoned project.



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