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CMP trucks were used in conjunction with a number of trailers. Quite common was the US-built ¼-ton trailer, which was known as the "Trailer 10 Cwt, GS". A similar Canadian built 10 cwt trailer was also used. The British Trailer, 1 Ton, 2 Wheeled, General Service, was much less common. There are only a few survivors of the "Trailer, 1 Ton, 2 Wh., G.S.". Featured on this page are survivors in the UK and Holland, while two more have been spotted in Scandinavia and Czechoslovakia.

Shown left is the Trailer, 1 Ton, 2 Wh., G.S. Latest type with castor wheel.
The chassis plate is marked "Trailer Chassis 1 ton 2 wh. No.5 Mk.I".
This improved 1 ton 2 wh. trailer replaced an earlier type in production.
Suspension: Semi-elliptic.
Brakes: Overrun device is not fitted. Simple hand parking lever is only brake.
Tyres: 9.00-13
Hubs: Standard H.20LL
Supporting legs: None fitted. Castor wheel is instead fitted to drawbar, and at rear drop tailboard can be lowered and fixed vertically to form platform.
Inside body
10' 9"
6' 8"
6' 5"
4' 6"
4' 3½"
1' 10"
Height of towing eye 2' 7" High Position. 2' 4" Low Position.
Unladen 11¼ cwt.
Laden 31¼ cwt.

Scan courtesy of Simon Thomson.

Chassis no. W8248 / W.D. no. X5835147 was built under contract number 23/6149 and survives in Holland. 
Roland Koster restored it and later sold it to Stefan Leegwater.

Photo courtesy Roland Koster.

Simon Thomson in the UK owns Chassis no. 3037 / W.D. no. X6167637, built under 
"D.P.L. CONT. No 23/7086".

Photo courtesy Simon Thomson.


Further reading on the subject


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