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Brian Nunn of Great Britain owns a truck which he labels as a "1945 CMP Ford F22". For more background information and pictures click here.
SM - 6389 BUILT NOV-12-45
S16389 - F.22

In Wheels & Tracks No. 43, p.5, Bart Vanderveencaptions a picture of a surviving example (see left): "The Ford is one of those strange 1945 C291Q models, looking like a 15-cwt F15A on 20-in. wheels"
It belongs to Maurice Donckers, who bought this late 1944 "F22" in Great Britain. He told the editor his truck is a "late version of the standard 15-cwt 4x4 truck. It was fitted with 20" wheels to enable it to follow FATs and 3-ton trucks in their tracks. With their smaller 9-16" tyres the 15-cwts tended to get stuck, so they fitted larger wheels." He thinks the differentials were the same as on CMP trucks with the 10.50-16" tyres. 
Maurice knows of another unrestored example in Belgium.

Meanwhile, another survivor (until the 1970s, that is) has turned up in Australia, of all places! Keith Webb photographed it and it's data plate, which was the key to not discarding this truck as just another heavily modified FGT. The plate denotes this vehicle is another C291Q.L-W chassis with "full" cab, built on May 26 1945. See Keith's page on The search for the F22 in Australia for more pictures of the truck and it's data plate.
Keith has come across another couple of mystery SWB Fords with 3 ton running gear. Since both have intact Cab 13s (which is unusual because most cut down gun tractors bear evidence of their integral rear body), they may also prove to be C291Q.L-W chassis with full cabs.

While looking into this elusive truck, Keith realized that his very own F15A/FGT hybrid might just have been one of these vehicles. Its chassis was swapped for one from an F15A as the original was too badly damaged to use, but it has all the 3-ton running gear and came to Keith without a winch. All of the Australian FGTs Keith has seen use the smaller 375 steering, while his truck has the 400 steering. Unfortunately no data plates came with it. See The search for the F22 in Australia for some photographs of it's as-found form. It had a standard cab and the floor (if it is from the same cab) is Australian pattern.

Here is a picture of another possible candidate. Keith had previously thought it was from an Aussie FGT #9, but noticed the handmade cab, lifting slings on the hubs and heavy-duty front axle. What do you make of it?

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