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Robert Gill, Austria 

Tank Museum, Brussels
Hull s/n 720, Chassis s/n 3844911724, Engine s/n 270427948
Order no. SM. 2611, Date of Mfg. APR. 21/44

This vehicle was a gift from the Danish government.

(Source: Maple Leaf Up-The C15TA Armoured Truck)

Private collection

(Picture courtesy of Rudi Schoeters)

[picture currently not available]
Private collection
Painted as a vehicle of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army during the Indonesian war of independence, 1945-1950.

[picture currently not available]
Private collection
Unrestored, ex-Netherlands Army, rear hull roofed over with machine-gun ring mount in roof.

[picture currently not available]
Patrick Tierssoone Collection, near Oostkamp
Civil registration FUY-796
(Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.18, p.9 and No.24, p.4)

[picture currently not available]
Unknown owner
Civil registration AGY-897
"Very peculiarly reconstructed"
(Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.24, p.3)

Z5822762, 43XB01
Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
A small number of prototypes were built with extended side armour to serve as Armoured Ambulance and Armoured Command Post.
The first C15TAA Ambulance (one of only two built) served with the RAMC both in the UK and West Berlin, until demobbed and sold in May 1958. It disappears to a junk yard and the remains are eventually rescued in 1977 by John Marchant. It took a lot of research and hard work but by 1985 it is restored. John later sells it to the CWM.

(Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.17, p.53; picture source:
Maple Leaf Up - The C15TA Armoured Truck)

RCA Museum, CFB Shilo, Manitoba
This example was surplussed by the Danish Army in 1967, and was purchased and restored in 1979 by the late Bill Greg.

(Picture courtesy of Terry Gaebel)

The Swords And Ploughshares Museum, Kars, Ontario

(Picture courtesy of Brian Gough)

Brian Gough, Oshawa, Ontario
Hull s/n 208, Chassis s/n 3844911211
Order no. LV 2524, Date of Mfg. FEB. 10/44

It was found in an ex-GM Canada executives hunting camp.

(Picture courtesy of Brian Gough)

Oksbøl Armoured Vehicle Museum
Near Varde, north of Esbjerg.

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

Royal Hussars Historic collection, Næstved on Sjælland

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

Antvorskov Kaserne, Slagelse

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

Tøjshusmuseet, (Armoury Museum), Copenhagen
This C15TA used to be on display at the Egeskov veteran car museum on Funen (as pictured here). It has since been returned to Tøjshusmuseet and put into storage.

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

[picture currently not available]
Tøjshusmuseet, (Armoury Museum), Copenhagen
There seems to be a second C15TA at this museum. It also has rear view mirrors and a removable spotlight like on the ex-Egeskov museum example shown above, but this one was pictured while fitted with oversize Michelin tyres. It may currently be in storage at Tirsturp (northwest of Arhus).

(Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.43, p.45)

Telegrafregimentets Historiske samling, Fredericia
It is in a fairly good condition and went into storage on its own power. It is currently under restoration at Als to its condition at the time it served with the signal corps.
See pictures of its restoration here.

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

This C15TA was used for experiments with molotov-cocktails. Notice the amount of glass around it. the remains were salvaged by the Danish Military Vehicles association.

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

This C15TA was found at Oksbøl and handed over to the Danish Military Vehicles association for restoration.

(Source: C15TA a.k.a. Mosegris)

Great Britain
Near Perth
In Great Britain, a handful of C15TAs seems to have (just) survived the rigours of post-war civvy street.
Wheels & Tracks once featured the example shown left: this much modified example was fitted a snow plough, rear jib and diesel engine. It had "350 mm play at the steering wheel" and was photographed about 20 miles from Perth. 
Sten Boye Poulsen later came up with the colour picture.

(Source: Wheels & Tracks; picture courtesy of Sten Boye Poulsen)

Preston Isaac, Cobbaton Combat Collection, Chittlehampton, Umberleigh, N. Devon
This C15TA had undergone major surgery when it was converted as a civil recovery vehicle, including a home-made jib. It was registered as PKX 412 in Buckinghamshire in 1952. By 1990 Preston had rescued and transformed it back to original. 

(Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.43, p.50; picture courtesy of Nigel Watson)

John Marchant, a military vehicle collector of the first hour, owned several CMPs including a C15TA. It is shown here on the day of his retirement sale (summer 1999), where it made £2,550. It is unknown who bought it.

(Source: Maple Leaf Up)

Armed Forces Museum, Jakarta

(Source: and Wheels & Tracks  No.47, p.47)

[picture currently not available]
"HANG TUAH", registration "BB 4135"
"On permanent display in Malacca, Malaysia, is a variety of relics of the past, including railway stock, aircraft and armoured vehicles. Freshly repainted in dark blue, they were used by the Royal Malaysian Police during the emergency (communist armed revolt, 1948-60) providing armoured protection for personnel, troops, VIPs, etc. The GM C15TA (now on 9.00-16 boots) was popularly known as the 'JMC' (for the GMC engine perhaps?). Like the Ford Lynx on display it has some interesting structural mods."

(Source: Wheels & Tracks  No.42 and No.56, p.15)

Historic Cavalry Collection, Amersfoort

After being struck off charge, this C15TA spent decades outside as a gate guard, awaiting its turn to be restored in the late 1980s. It sports post-war RNlA markings and it is driven regularly by the museum's volunteers at events. Several more C15TAs are preserved by collectors in Holland and Belgium (one by a vet who used to drive one in Indonesia).

Roald Roozendaal, Gorssel
Hull s/n 1147; civil registration NB-93-27
Acquired in a very dilapidated condition from a Dutch scrapyard in 1984. Even the chassis was badly damaged. Parts were obtained from many sources, as it happened even from Malaysia. Most of the 'tinwork' had to be refabricated. Restoration was completed by 1989, when it was driven to Normandy on it's first outing where it was pictured by Dirk Leegwater (who's peeking around the corner from the driver's seat).

Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.35, p.51; picture courtesy of Dirk Leegwater

Stefan Leegwater, Leegwater Collection, Broek op Langedijk
Ex-Netherlands Army, ex-Dieffenbach collection.

Source: Dirk Leegwater

Jakob Oud
Previously owned by the late Tom Bowman, of Albany Transport, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Many years ago Tom recovered it from Shap (a particularly bad area of the main road between England and Glasgow near the Scottish border) where it had been used as a light wrecker. He had it in Gateshead and restoration was started about 1990. When Tom died about 1995, his collection was sold off.
Jakob plans to start the restoration and the end of 2002, but is in need of the two driver's hatches, a rear door with hinges, and a piece of checker plate floor before he can start.

Picture courtesy of Dirk Leegwater

Mr. De Vrij, Leeuwarden
Restored by Geoffrey Maskell of Great Britain.
Click here to see more pictures.

(Picture source: Keep Them Rolling)

Norwegian Army Museum, Trandum
Chassis s/n 4044918604.
The picture was taken in connection with the opening ceremony of "Rena Leir" (Camp Rena), east of Lillehammer, in 1997.

Source: "Mud & Snow" (1/1998), magazine of the Norwegian MV association (via Sten Boye Poulsen); Lars Ulvestad

[picture currently not available]
Troms Forsvarsmuseum (Troms Defence Museum)
Currently in storage, on loan from the Norwegian Army Museum.

Source: Sten Boye Poulsen; Lars Ulvestad

Private collection

Source: Sten Boye Poulsen

South Africa
[picture currently not available]

ex-Fort Klapperkop Museum, Pretoria, Transvaal
This C15TA is modified with built-up sides and a roof. It was located at the SA Defence Force Museum at Fort Klapperkop. The collection of this museum has since been distributed to other museums, and the current location of this C15TA is unknown.

(Source: Wheels & Tracks magazine No.43, p.46)

United States of America

Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles

(Source: Maple Leaf Up-The C15TA Armoured Truck)

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