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At the end of 1948 Spain started to receive C15TA armoured vehicles from Canada as 'agricultural tractors'. Approximately 150 arrived and they were nicknamed Trumphys. At first they were assigned as artillery tractors to Artillery Regiments 11, 13, 19 and 63. In 1960 about 50 were transferred to the Light Cavalry Group Saharianos and another 34 to the Cavalry Regiments of Ceuta and Melilla.

(Note: the photo is linked directly from PanzerNet-Medios Blindados Españoles)

These pictures show some of the modification carried out on the Spanish Trumphys. Most noticeable modification is are the reconfigured stowage bins on the rear hull sides. They have been cut off at wheel well height, with a rack for six fluid canisters added. The sand coloured paint is evident also. 

The overhead shot shows the interior, which remained pretty much the same, except for the back-to-back bench seats which replaced the six individual seats. A machine-gun is mounted on the top of the partial cab roof. 

Around a hundred of these were allotted to the Spanish Legion for their patrols against rebels in Spanish Sahara in the 1950s-1960s. This picture shows the first Trumphys disembarking from an LST in Africa.

There also was a recovery version, with a crane taken from one of the Legion's Ford-Köln 4x4 trucks.

A fortress in the Sahara desert. The Trumphy in the foreground has a second machine-gun n the rear of the hull. Other vehicles shown in this picture, in or outside of the fortress, are Land-Rovers, Dodge WC54 and Ford-Köln 4x4 trucks. 

The Armoured Light Group I and II of de Spanish Legion ready to move out. 
Note the turn signals/marker lights below the headlights and the pioneer tools stowed on the bonnet side.

Half a dozen of Trumphys of the Cavalry Regiment nº 10 Alcántara lined up for inspection. These seem to have been over painted with darker paint in attempt to camouflage them.

  With special thanks to Javier de Luelmo and Gustavo Herrero for providing pictures and information.

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