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Besides the ones listed below, Rolf Ask also has various other Chevrolet CMP trucks for sale, including:

  • Very rare Chevrolet C30 Wireless, unrestored but complete with original body including heater.
  • Chevrolet C30 Cab 11, complete but missing the body.
  • Chevrolet C60L, 1942, unrestored but complete.
  • GMC CCKW-353, open cab, licensed and in good running order.
  • All vehicles listed here are located in Norway. Prices on application. Rolf is also willing to help find the vehicle you are looking for. For more information, e-mail Rolf Ask.

    1940 Chevrolet C30 Cab 11
    Very good condition.

    1940 Chevrolet C60S Cab 12
    Rare, unrestored but complete.

    Chevrolet C15A Cab 13
    Restored, running condition.

    Chevrolet CGT Cab 13
    Restored, running condition.

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    Created 23 July 2003
    Updated 8 April 2008

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